Earn rewards for taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, and more!

You'll receive points and XP for doing very easy things like trying out new games. You can redeem your points for eGift Cards at online stores.

Plus, every time you have enough XP to rank up to the next level, you'll receive an account balance credit between $1.00 and $50.00! You can choose to be paid in Bitcoin or to your PayPal account in USD.

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Easy Ways for you to Earn

You'll be rewarded for things like playing games, answering survey questions, signing up at sites, and installing apps. You can even earn extra while you're playing video games (or doing other things) by simply having our videos playing in the background on your phone or computer. It's very easy!

Some new members can earn enough for their first gift card and/or PayPal or Bitcoin payout within minutes of joining. Give it a try today!

A Leveling System that Pays

Along with the points you earn, you'll also earn XP that will help you rank up to the next level. Everybody starts out at Level 1, and each time you level up your account you'll be given a Silver Token, a Gold Token, or a Diamond Token that will lead to an account balance credit (payable via Bitcoin or PayPal):
  • $1 to $3.00 for each Silver Token!
  • $5 to $10.00 for each Gold Token!
  • $10 to $50.00 for each Diamond Token!



Bonuses Available Right Now

If you sign up now, you'll receive a $1.00 Signup Bonus, and we're also giving out tons of special bonus XP for surveys:
  • Each day you do 4 of our Premium Surveys, you can spin our Bronze Prize Wheel and get up to 3,000 XP!
  • For every 2 Bonus Surveys you do each day, you can spin our Copper Prize Wheel and receive up to 2,000 XP - and you can keep getting this bonus over and over again unlimited times, helping you level up faster!

You can also earn extra money by promoting GG2U!

Refer your friends, teammates, clanmates, viewers, and followers to GG2U, and every time we send them a payout or gift card, we will credit your account with 5% of the money - for every referral, forever! You can also convert links you want to share with other people into special gg2u.org promotional links which can help you get more referrals and bonus cash.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GG2U, and is it free to join?

GG2U (as in saying 'good game' to somebody) is a fun and unique rewards program that's free to join. You'll earn GG2U Points and get XP (experience points) for playing games, taking surveys, watching videos, and much more.

You can redeem your GG2U Points for eGift Cards, and as you level up your account from the XP you receive, you'll get money credited to your account balance (as much as $10 to $50 at certain levels)!

You can join if you're at least 18 years old or if you are 13-17 years old and have permission from a parent/guardian.

What's the difference between GG2U Points and XP?

GG2U Points are our virtual currency that you can redeem for eGift Cards. Your XP determines what your level is and when you can rank up to the next level (and receive Silver Tokens, Gold Tokens, and Diamond Tokens which will each add money to your account balance).

What are Silver Tokens, Gold Tokens, and Diamond Tokens, and why are they so good to get?

Every time you have enough XP to rank up to the next level, you'll receive a Silver Token, a Gold Token, or a Diamond Token (depending on which level). Click here to see our level rewards table.

Each Silver Token will reward you with a credit to your account balance of $1.00 to $3.00. You'll also get a Silver Token for every 200 Video Points you receive from doing our video-watching offers.

Each Gold Token will reward you with a credit to your account balance of $5.00 to $10.00.

Each Diamond Token will reward you with a credit to your account balance of $10.00 to $50.00.

New members begin by earning Silver Tokens, but starting with just Level 5 you'll get at least a Gold Token every 5 levels. When you reach Level 10 you'll be given 2 Gold Tokens and jump up to our top-tier structure where you'll be given a Diamond Token every 10 levels.

What kind of gift cards are available?

Click here for the full list of eGift Cards that we offer. We have eGift Cards available in multiple currencies including U.S. Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Indian Rupees, Japanese Yen, Hong Kong Dollars, Chinese Yuan, Singapore Dollars, and Brazilian Reals. Our eGift Cards come in fixed denominations that vary depending on the currency (for USD, for example, the denominations are $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, and $50). Not all eGift Cards are available in every denomination.

In the members' area it will show you how many points it takes to redeem for each eGift Card. You should generally redeem your points for an eGift Card in the currency of the country you're living in, but people in every country have the option of redeeming for a USD Virtual Visa Prepaid Card (which Visa will automatically convert to the proper currency when you make a purchase) or a USD Steam Wallet Code (which Steam will automatically convert to your Steam account's currency).

How do payouts work?

When you receive earnings from tokens (which you'll get as you level up your account and watch videos) and/or receive referral earnings, it gets credited to your account balance (which is always displayed in reference to USD). All cash bonuses you receive from us (e.g., our $1.00 Signp Bonus) also are credited to your account balance. Once you have reached just $7, you can request a payout to your PayPal account or to your Bitcoin wallet at Coinbase.

All PayPal payouts are done in USD, and we do not charge any fee on our end. For our Bitcoin payouts, unlike some other sites that charge a flat fee in BTC that can come out to something like $1.50 every time, we deduct just a 3% fee based on the USD included in your payout request. So if you request a $7 payout in Bitcoin, our fee would be only $0.21, and we'd then send you $6.79 worth of Bitcoin to your Coinbase email address (according to Coinbase's auto-calculated exchange rate).

What about people who are under 18 years old who don't have an account with PayPal or Coinbase?

If you're under 18 years old and don't have access to a PayPal account or Coinbase account, once your GG2U account balance reaches $7, you can email support@gg2u.org and request to have your account balance converted into GG2U Points which you can use to redeem for an eGift Card. You'll be credited with GG2U Points at a rate of 1,400 points per dollar of your account balance.

How does your referral program work?

We will provide you with a unique tracking link that you can use to make money by referring your friends, teammates, clanmates, viewers, and followers to GG2U.org. Every time we send one of your referrals a gift card or payout, we will credit your account with 5% of the value!

There are lots of sketchy apps out there targeting gamers. How can I be sure this program is legit?

At GG2U.org, we don't pay $1,000s to YouTubers and streamers to overhype our site or entice little kids to join with promises of easy in-game currency or Steam keys. Our referral program is instead tied to how much our members actually get paid, and we strive to provide easy ways for everybody to earn. Our leveling system is designed to be both fun and rewarding, and no matter what level you are, everybody has access to the same redemption options. Unlike other programs, there also isn't anything on our site that could cause you to lose your points or XP or anything bad like that (e.g., no contests or giveaways with entry fees and no "games" that wind up just taking your earnings). GG2U is designed to be win-only!

Can you give an overview of how the surveys work?

Taking some surveys each day is one of the best ways for you to earn a lot of GG2U Points and XP. Our site helps connect you to major market research companies that are assisting businesses with getting the feedback they need in order to improve their products and services or develop new products and services. They want to ask people like you questions about a wide range of topics, such as if you like your cell phone and internet provider, if you think a specific ad for a car is good, what stores you shop at, what you tend to buy, etc.

Some surveys will even give you an exclusive sneak peek at video games currently in development, and your input will help determine what the final games will be like when they are released.

Most surveys will take just 5-20 minutes. Every time you qualify for a survey and successfully finish it, you'll be rewarded, and you can take as many as you want each day!

What's the difference between a 'Premium Survey' and a 'Bonus Survey'?

Premium Surveys tend to be more targeted towards you based on the demographic information you provide, and you can usually earn the most points up front with them. Whenever you do at least 4 Premium Surveys in a single day, you'll also receive a Bronze Token which will give you 300 to 3,000 XP.

Each survey in the "Bonus Surveys" area will give you 500 GG2U Points, and every 2 of them you're able to do each day you'll also receive a bonus Copper Token which will give you 250 to 2,000 XP.

Only members from certain countries will have access to the Premium Surveys. If you have Premium Surveys available, it's usually a good strategy to try to do at least 4 of those ones first (to get the Bronze Token) and then move on to the Bonus Surveys afterwards (and you can keep doing as many Bonus Surveys as possible to earn unlimited bonus Copper Tokens to help you rank up faster).

What time does each new day start/reset in terms of earning the daily bonus Bronze Token and bonus Copper Tokens?

The new day start/reset time is at Midnight U.S. Eastern Time (the time zone of New York City).

I tried doing some surveys but was told that I don't qualify. What does that mean?

This happens because sometimes the company that is paying to have the survey done is looking for a very specific type of person demographically (e.g., a high school graduate between 18 and 34 years old who has worked in the retail industry). We can only credit your account for surveys that you were able to fully complete. Just keep trying other surveys and/or other survey providers on our site until you do qualify for one. Eventually you'll find a good survey that is looking for people just like you. Our members are usually able to qualify for Premium Surveys a little more easily than Bonus Surveys, so it can be a good strategy to click on the Premium Surveys first when they're available.

Can you tell me more about how the tokens and prize wheels work?

Tokens can be fun because they initially don't have a fixed value assigned and can sometimes be disproportionately valuable. Copper Tokens will lead to people receiving at least 700 XP on average, Bronze Tokens will lead to people receiving at least 850 XP on average, Silver Tokens will lead to people receiving at least $1.50 in account balance credits on average, Gold Tokens will lead to people receiving at least $6.50 in account balance credits on average, and Diamond Tokens will lead to people receiving at least $20.00 in account balance credits on average.

Each token you get will allow you to enter one of our prize wheel pages. We will have already determined the value of your token and credited your account accordingly prior to taking you to the page, so spinning a prize wheel is always just for fun and won't give you anything extra. Each of our five prize wheels has seven segments, and there is always a one-in-seven chance of each segment being chosen when you click to enter a prize wheel page. For example, with our Diamond Prize Wheel, it is just as likely that the wheel will land on the $50.00 segment as any other specific segment. For the Silver, Gold, and Diamond prize wheels, the second best segment will always be at least as high as the midpoint of that wheel's range, there will always be 2-3 segments at the low-end of the range, and the remaining 2-3 segments will be somewhere in between. Once your wheel spin is over, if you reload the page it will keep showing a replay of your same spin.

If you ever want to double check how your token(s) credited your account, click the "Transaction Stats" link on the Dashboard page of the members' area.

I completed an offer, but I didn't receive credit for it yet. What should I do?

Some offers report their confirmations to us on a bit of a delay. If you still haven't received credit after 48 hours, please send us an email with the details at support@gg2u.org, and we'll be happy to look into it and see if we are able to track down what happened and get you the credit. Include any screenshots you were able to take showing that the offer was completed successfully.

For survey offers, be sure to read each question carefully, answer honestly, and don't rush through the survey way too quickly or else you might get disqualified or blocked from doing future surveys. Occasionally a survey might disqualify you even after you've already spent some time answering a lot of questions. If you ever spend over 25 minutes doing a survey only to be told at the end that it didn't count, please email us the information about which survey provider you clicked, what the survey was about, and if you remember what domain name the survey was conducted on, so we can complain about how it was unfair to you and try to prevent similar things from happening in the future. Fortunately, this situation is very rare.

I see an entry on my stats page that says "Reversal." What does that mean?

Occasionally when closely examining an offer that you previously completed, the company that provided the offer (or its specific client involved) will decide that not all of the conditions were satisfied properly or there was something that looked sketchy about how it was done. We can try to get them to change their mind, but if they ultimately determine not to pay for your offer completion, then the corresponding points and XP will be deducted from your account, and there will be a "Reversal" note in your stats to let you know that this happened. Reversals are definitely uncommon if you're following all of the rules and doing everything you're supposed to.

Can I still join GG2U even if I don't play a lot of video games?

Yes! Although GG2U is targeted primarily at people who play video games, everybody is able to join. We have some gift card options that don't involve gaming.

When I log into my account, I see a 'GG2U Premium' logo. What is GG2U Premium?

GG2U Premium is a new limited-access version of GG2U that is currently in beta. With GG2U Premium, GG2U members who are Level 4 and higher are able to receive extra-high payout rates in a much simpler format than our traditional GG2U program. GG2U Premium also includes access to additional high-paying offers not available elsewhere on our website.

Members participting in GG2U Premium primarily earn 'GG2U Coins' instead of the more complex points-and-XP-system of traditional GG2U. GG2U Premium offers the same great payout methods as traditional GG2U.

If you're not currently experiencing GG2U Premium and would like to try it out (even if you haven't reached Level 4 yet), email support@gg2u.org and request to have GG2U Premium enabled for your account.

I have another question that hasn't been answered. How do I contact you?

If you ever have any questions, email us at support@gg2u.org. We also offer live chat support via Discord - send a friend request to GG2U#0406.

Unlike other programs, GG2U is available internationally!

We currently have specific earning opportunities for English-speakers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Mexico, South Africa, and more.

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We also offer live chat support via Discord - send a friend request to GG2U#0406.

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